Bay Area Flight Training with a Difference


Why fly in the San Francisco Bay Area?   

 ADVENTURE     /     EXCITEMENT     /     FREEDOM     /     CHALLENGESan Francisco Bay Area

“When I’m the pilot, I can go places, do things I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. I can act on impulse—fly my family to Tahoe just for the day, wake up in Palo Alto on a wintry Saturday and by noon be snowmobiling with my young son. Especially for someone with a busy work schedule, being able to fly makes more time for fun. Mark's relaxed approach makes the learning experience very enjoyable."

--Edward Munro, student

What inspires your visit to this website?
The reality of flying a small plane is likely to offer opportunities and pleasure exceeding your fondest hopes and dreams.

Why Mark 1 Aviation?
You are unique, which is why I use state-of-the art aircraft departing from the Palo Alto Municipal Airport to provide personalized flight Instruction with a Differenceone that addresses all your needs and wishes:

  • Your schedule
  • Your learning style, with both in-flight and on-the-ground instruction
  • Your objectives—earning your pilot’s license—and having a wonderful time as you progress towards it!

Why Mark? 
It’s my pleasure to bring my more than 25 years of flight experience to help aspiring pilots learn to fly and get their licenses.  Your dream is within your reach.  Seize the moment and contact me to book a Discovery Flight! 

Mark Erwin, Chief Pilot and Flight Instructor
Mark Erwin – Professional Pilot (ATP)
FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor
Airplanes & Helicopters
Palo Alto Airport - 1903 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto, CA
(650) 387-8061

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